Nairobi National Park is located 7 Kilometers south of the City Center. If you fall into the temptation of taking a game drive you will be able to see lions, leopards, giraffes, buffaloes, cheetahs and a diverse birdlife. The park also offers campsites, picnic sites and walking trails. The park fees are Kenya shillings 500 and 300 for residents adult and children respectively and USD. 50 and USD.25 for non-resident adults and children respectively. If you do not have much time to spare or you would like to do as much as you can, visit the Animal Orphanage which is located at the entrance of the Nairobi National Park.
Just next to the Nairobi National Park is the Nairobi Safari Walk. This place is a perfect escape from the city, a cool place to leisurely walk around and chill on a hot day. Animals like colubus monkeys, albino zebras, antelopes, a variety of birds and insect species can be found here. If lucky, one can spot cheetahs, a white rhino and other big cats. The raised wooden boardwalk allows a good view of the animals in the zoo. Remember to carry drinking water and your picnic items with you.

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destinationMasai Mara, Mt. Kenya, Serengeti
monthJuly, March
Nairobi National Park

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