The Samburu National Park is in the northern part of the rift valley which entails some of the driest locations in the country. The park is set in a small but largely endowed ecosystem mainly comprising Samburu national reserve, buffalo springs and a more remote and less visited Shaba national reserve. Due to its remote

Tsavo West – The park is the largest of the two Tsavo parks. The park bosts an excellent landscape unseen in any other park accessible from the coastal town of Mombasa. With sceneries ranging from the vast dense greenwoods to the view of natural formations like chaimu volcanoes, lake jipe, shetani lava flow and mzima

Lake Manyara – The small lake park is situated just 1.5 hrs drive from Arusha Airport. The lake park is famous for hosting large number of waterbirds mostly flamingo and maroubou storks. The manyara birdlife also entails several species of herons and egrets. The adjacent park is part of the Tarangire ecosystem that holds one